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What is Classical Istanbul City Tour?

Istanbul is one of the first destinations, maybe the first destination when you think of traveling Turkey.

With the reputation of being the home of emperors’ throne, Istanbul symbolises a very rich cultural heritage. The city has the signs of thousands of years of civilizations. Ottoman emperors are not the only ones who had the thrones here, it is the home of Roman emperors as well. Also you can find more remains dating way back the Romans.

There are several fixed tour packages if you travel to Istanbul with a travel agency. But the classical city tour is the one takes you the most important attractions of Istanbul. You cannot and should not leave before you see them. Other packages are optional and you can choose according to your personal interests.

Let’s take a look at the details of a classical city tour in Istanbul. I am not a tour guide but a travel agent so I will not bore you with details here because the details will be boring on a page but once you are in one of those glourious places, the same details will make your heart beat faster and emotions turmoil. Let’s leave it to your actual tour and have a general idea about the places you visit in this tour.

Details in the next post…

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